Recruiting Doesn’t Stop after You Make a Hire


Many construction firms struggle with keeping open positions filled. Adequate training, time constraints and skills gaps are all reasons that many business owners in the construction industry experience high turnover. That’s why it’s vital that you have a recruitment process that doesn’t stop just because a position has been filled.

Vacant positions cost construction firms time and money. Whether you need a permanent hire on the job site or a temporary skilled laborer for a special project, a talent pipeline ensures that when a position opens up, the whole job site doesn’t have to slow down. Here are five reasons to keep recruiting even after positions have been filled.

One individual can make a big impact

You need an HVAC technician now, but you can’t find a reliable employee.Missing just one skilled tradesman can put a damper on the whole project, maybe even halting the entire thing. When you have a talent pipeline filled with potential candidates, you have access to skilled workers right when you need them.

Look to the future

You’re almost finished with one job and have several lined up on the horizon. You may not need new employees just yet, but you should have an idea of whom, specially, you want on board. A continuous recruitment process can keep you connected to a variety of high quality workers.

Plan for your next projects

You might not need a payroll professional on your current job, but what about the next? Unexpected staffing needs pop up all the time; a talent pipeline means you don’t have to go more than a day understaffed. Keeping your recruitment process ongoing means that you make a variety of connections with employees of all skill levels.

Avoid the skills gap

Your company needs certain skills to boost productivity and increase profits. However, when you look around your job site, you may find some employees have stronger skills in certain areas then others. For example, your roofers are great at communication, but might be lacking in time management. A talent pipeline can help you bring in skilled workers who can bridge these gaps.

You can’t always control the employment market, so developing an ongoing recruitment process can give your company an infusion of highly skilled and certified workers whenever you need them. Finding good talent isn’t a new problem, but it’s still a struggle for many businesses in the construction industry. The experts at CCS Construction Staffing can help solve your job site staffing challenges with innovative, strategic solutions.

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