10 Things to Consider When Conducting Exit Interviews


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Exit interviews can teach you at lot about your company; what you’re doing right and where you can improve. You’ll get insight into the strengths and weaknesses of managers and the organization and can better understand how to satisfy and retain employees.

When conducting an Exit Interview, consider the following:

  1. Take care of any housekeeping first. Provide the employee with information about continuation or termination of healthcare or other benefits, discuss any back pay due and collect any company property or equipment.
  2. Make the employee feel comfortable in the interview so that he will be forthcoming and provide information that you can use.
  3. Document the interview in detail so it can be referred back to in the case of any future legal action.
  4. Employ a consistent process so that each employee is treated fairly and respectfully and you can interpret the results more accurately.
  5. Conduct exit interviews with employees of all levels. The feedback you get will vary with their position all of it may be valuable.
  6. Ask open-ended and follow up questions to be sure you clearly understand the employee’s viewpoints.
  7. Look for trends in what exiting employees report. One off criticism can be dismissed as the words of a disgruntled worker, but if you hear it from more than one person it may be worth looking into.
  8. Look especially for input on safety issues or equipment. This kind of feedback can be helpful to your construction business.
  9. Exit interviews are a waste of time if you don’t put the information to use. Do more than just go through the motions with this valuable information.
  10. Consider a follow up interview call or survey in two to three months. The employee may have additional insights after digesting his experience.

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