How to Build and Manage a Talent Pipeline


Back in the 1980s, the average hiring process took under a month. For many in the construction industry, it was even shorter – merely two weeks. Nowadays, however, things are quite different. From executive searches to contract specialty workers, the hiring process has nearly doubled. Some take all the way up to four months.

At CCS Construction Staffing, we know that a long, slow hiring process costs construction firms time and money. Our tactic is simple and effective – create a talent pipeline that is constantly filled with qualified, pre-screened candidates ready to work. That way, then a position opens up, the whole job site doesn’t have to slow down.

Partnering with a staffing firm helps you create a talent pipeline filled with seasoned employees and the next wave of talent. Here are five key principles we’ve developed to help you create a sustainable pipeline of ready-to-work talent.

Hiring for the Now

You need an electrician now, but you can’t find a good one. When these employment needs pop up,a talent pipeline can provide you with a skilled worker for a day, week, month or longer. Temporary professionals can even come in to take on special projects or lighten the load for permanent personnel.

Hiring for the Future

You’re close to landing a new, prominent client who comes along with a few key projects that will last a while. This is the break your small construction business has been waiting for. You may not need the workers just yet, but you know exactly who you want on board. A talent pipeline filled with a variety of workers can help you establish long-term connections with high quality workers.

Job Site Planning

You might not expect to need two administrative assistants on your next job, but when the need arises, a talent pipeline means you don’t miss a beat. Unexpected staffing issues can arise at a moment’s notice, but the burden is lessened if you’ve got access to qualified candidates.

Building Strong Leadership at All Levels

Knowing you can step away from a site and not have to worry about your workers can reduce an incredible amount of stress. Having confidence that they will be productive and safe means that you can focus on building your client base and bidding on new projects. A job site filled with reliable leaders at all levels means that your crew will have the 24/7 motivation, support and encouragement they need.

Partner with a Staffing Firm

You can’t always control the employment market, so a talent pipeline is vital for your business’s success. Remember, your company is only as successful as your employees. Choosing the right ones for the right time, whether now or in the future, can make or break your bottom line. Do you need some direction planning for your future staffing needs? The experts at CCS Construction Staffing can help solve your job site staffing challenges with innovative, strategic solutions.

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