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You don’t have to run a Fortune 500 construction company to enhance your workforce culture, especially if you’re looking to attract new employees. While stress relieving gadgets, complimentary lunches and skills training can impact morale, there are also other ways to turn on your company’s “awesome switch.” Not only will your current crew appreciate the changes you make, but you can also attract new applicants, as well. Studies have shown that for many job seekers, it’s not all about the paycheck. An invigorating workplace culture is a great way to attract the best candidates for your open positions.

Boost the benefits package

Focus on benefits that will not just make your workplace better, but your crews’ lives better. Offer benefits packages that include bonuses for safe practices, flexible shifts, paid maternity and paternity leave, and vacation time that can be taken right away. Benefits packages that address individual needs attract and hold on to the best candidates in the field. Plus, giving your employees that much-needed mental and physical break can reenergize them about their work on the job site.

Let them pursue their own projects

Give them the freedom to use a bit of company time to work on volunteer projects, outside responsibilities or implement company initiatives of their own design. Give days off for Habitat for Humanity or to help rebuild a nearby community that has just weathered a tough storm. Not only will it benefit your workers, it will also boost your company’s image.

Build a sense of community

A company that treats its workers like they’re replaceable will not attract the best candidates, permanent or temporary. Everyone feels extra stress when the desires of the suits trump the needs of those sweating on the site. Build a sense of community by showing your employees that they are valuable assets to the company. Develop a relationship with your full-time, part-time and contract employees. Give them time to talk openly with you and voice their ideas on projects with other departments. Give the breakroom an interactive overhaul, put a basketball hoop up in the parking lot or cater group lunches once a month.

Would you apply for a job here?

Take a look around your workplace and ask yourself, “Is this where I would want to work?” If the answer is no, decide what can be changed. Ask your employees what would make them happier. Be intentional and take your time; company culture doesn’t spring up overnight.

You don’t have to top the Fortune 500 list in order to attract top talent, but you do need to make your company culture an enthusiastic, safe and supportive place to work. What would you choose – a silent job site with flickering lights hanging above dusty tools or one that builds teamwork, encourages leadership and promotes individual employee needs?

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