How Ethics and Transparency Can Translate to Results


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On a job site, there can be no cutting corners – figuratively and literally. When you run your construction firm with strong ethics, your employees work harder and your company image stands taller. Being transparent with your clients, as well as your permanent and temporary employees, translates into an impressive reputation and increased revenue.

But what exactly is transparency? Most often, the word is used to describe a willingness to share information, positive or negative, and an open line of communication. For a construction company, transparency means so much more. It can make or break your reputation, giving your clients a sense of trust that will make them comfortable following your leadership. Ethical business practices lay the foundation for transparency. Being ethical in the construction business isn’t about morality or absolute right and wrong; it’s about creating and maintaining a standard of conduct that encourages fair behavior and honest decision-making.

Customer relationships aren’t the only ones that can benefit from transparency; construction workers need to see your company’s ethics, as well. With this added element of inclusion and job security, your temporary workers, skilled laborers, and talented tradesmen will be inspired to work harder, safer, and avoid overall misconduct on the job site.

Be Upfront and Visible

When you value your employees, they value their work and their job. Being transparent means letting them know the status of a job, the longevity of a project, and the value of the company overall. Without the pressure of unknown threats, skilled laborers and temporary workers are likely to be more effective and efficient, meeting deadlines and keeping the construction project moving forward.

Value Honesty

When construction management actively values honesty on a job site, the employees follow suit. In an ethical work environment, the incidents of theft shrink while safety practices increase. Coworkers tend to talk through their issues because honest communication is not only allowed, it’s encouraged.

Solidify your Leadership

Instead of hiding when things go wrong, strong leaders learn from their mistakes. They aren’t afraid for others to see them face their challenges and obstacles head on, even when there may be a struggle. Help your employees understand any risks the project or company might be facing, and keep them in the loop. Your staff will feel confident in your leadership when you share the lessons you’ve learned and welcome feedback.

Be Consistent with your Values

Don’t become so excited with a new construction project that you gloss over the details. Be strategic when it comes to informing your employees. Most importantly, be consistent with your expectations. Adopting a written code of ethical conduct keeps everyone on the same page when it comes to company values.

Bolster Loyalty

When you create a culture of ethics and transparency, you are showing that you put value in the needs of both your employees and your customers. That kind of behavior will inspire the best electricians to work harder on your jobs than any other. Project investors won’t think twice about hiring other contractors – you’ll always be their top pick.

Enhance Workforce Quality

At the end of the day, your construction company is only as good as the work your employees put into a project. If your general laborers see you cutting corners, they’ll likely cut a lot more than that. You’ll find more and more of your crew taking off early, or using low quality materials to save time and money. When you run a job site that doesn’t emphasize your company’s mission, it’s difficult for your permanent and temporary laborers to understand your quality expectations.

When you prioritize ethics and transparency, you can reduce the risk of fines, enhance your reputation, access higher capital, boost that bottom line, and positively affect your employees’ commitment. By taking these steps, your construction firm can improve the quality of your work without raising the quantity of your budget. Want to learn how? Give CCS Construction Staffing a call. We have a variety of workforce solutions we can add to your growing business, creating stronger customer relationships and employee commitment.

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