The True Cost Of An Employee: Things To Consider


Construction Staffing

Over the years here at CCS Construction Staffing, we’ve seen tremendous growth in the companies we support. For many of these businesses, the need for highly skilled tradesmen comes quickly on a new job site project. Other construction firms coast along at a steady pace, occasionally needing extra skilled laborers or contract construction workers to tackle specific projects.

When you step back and look at the big picture, you discover that these positions are needed now, but not necessarily needed forever. Maybe you need a boost in productivity to meet a deadline or assist busy, overloaded full-time craftsmen, but you don’t need a brand new permanent position to do it.

That’s exactly how temporary employees and staffing firms can save the day. From reduced employment costs to improved flexibility, the advantages of temporary staffing can mean big business for your bottom line. Here’s how:

Access to a talent pool swimming with potential.

Staffing firms connect you with a plethora of skilled candidates that have loads of experience in your specific industry. Partnering with an agency like CCS Construction Staffing means our years of experience add on to your years of experience. This saves you time and money on training new hires and allows you to address immediate needs and special projects quickly.

Lower your overhead.

Temporary employees won’t bust your budget. They don’t require you to offer additional benefits, overtime, salaries, or paid time off. You don’t have to adjust your employee budget to accommodate for the increase in payroll taxes, social security taxes, and other state and federal employment fees. When you use a staffing firm to acquire temporary construction staff, you also avoid paying extensive recruitment and advertising fees associated with a talent search.

Extra hands when you need it most.

Has a bad snowstorm or a sweltering heat wave set you back? You can ramp up your speed to meet deadlines during the busy season by partnering with a staffing firm. Small construction firms especially can take advantage of the temporary talent, payroll services, and human resource opportunities offered by a staffing firm.

From small jobs to complex construction projects, every firm can benefit from the support of a staffing agency. CCS Construction Staffing will boost your profits and productivity by:

Being your HR department.

Let us connect you with pre-screened and tested temporary workers and tradesmen, shortening your hiring process and saving your budget thousands of dollars.

Meeting your specific job site needs.

Ads in newspapers and job boards will bring in a mixture of applicants. We can get you the best, most qualified electricians, roofers, siders, technicians, operators, and construction workers, often within 24 hours.

Hiring the right talent, the first time.

Need someone for a few months or just a few weeks? When a job site is really rolling, you don’t have time for a bad fit. Leave the heavy lifting to CCS Construction Staffing. We can increase your staff without increasing your stress.

Ready to improve productivity? Give us a call. As one of the leading staffing firms in the construction industry, we give you access to proven solutions for your job site workforce needs. Contact us today to learn more!

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