5 Reasons to Outsource Your Workforce


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You have a big job starting tomorrow, but as you watch smoke billow from the engine of your backhoe, you aren’t so sure when the project will get rolling. Business owners take a huge leap of faith when they branch out on their own. At CCS Construction Staffing, we’ve seen many industry leaders tackle complex construction projects that take years to finish. When it comes down to human resource tasks and hiring tradesmen, skilled technicians and temporary or permanent employees, they simply don’t have the time. Job sites are a busy place, and slowing down just isn’t an option for small construction firm owners.

However, job site managers know that construction projects are only as safe and successful as their employees, both temporary and permanent. That’s where outsourcing your workforce can make a huge difference. You can get the premium talent you need to get specific projects completed on time, as well as free up your time for the vital tasks all business owners face.

5 Reasons to Outsource Your Workforce

Find skilled tradesman with a staffing partner

Outsourcing your workforce will not only open your project up to a variety of skills and trades, but it can also lighten the burden of the hiring process. A staffing firm can help you find the highly qualified candidates you need, from electricians to heavy equipment operators, without exhausting your time on an extensive talent search.

Nab highly qualified candidates on a budget

You may not have the budget to hire a permanent, full-time HVAC technician, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have access to the best one out there. Outsourcing your workforce can let you bring in experts without having to pay costly permanent salaries. You can get the talent you want, but only when you need it, saving contractors both time and money.

Independent contractors come with their own equipment

Remember that smoking backhoe? When you outsource your workforce, you often get to double down – industry experts who come with their own equipment. A heavy equipment operator with his own backhoe might be unlikely, but an electrician with a brand new set of tools isn’t. You can save thousands on equipment costs by hiring temporary employees who come with their own deep toolboxes.

Lower your overhead and payroll costs

By outsourcing your workforce, you can sidestep certain labor costs such as health insurance, unemployment insurance, and overtime payments. Not only can outsourcing save you these costs, but it can save you the time investment as well. Payroll is less time consuming, insurance costs are less complicated, and you can roll through your administration tasks more smoothly.

Explore a smorgasbord of potential hires

Using outsourced labor means that you can pick and choose your team. When construction firms partner with CCS Construction Staffing, we expose them to a pool of talented candidates who boast a variety of skills and training. Need a skilled laborer with extensive safety training? Want an administrative assistant with construction experience? When you outsource, you get to explore more opportunities.

When it comes to outsourcing, there are more options than simply hiring skilled tradesmen and temporary workers. You can also outsource payroll, human resources and training departments. At CCS Construction Staffing, we provide a wider variety of staffing services for our clients. Whether you’re searching for skilled employees or construction job opportunities, contact us today. Our staffing solutions can keep up with your changing needs.

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