Our November Contractor of the Month is Larry Watson


Larry Watson began working with CCS Construction Staffing over a year ago, he has proven that he is a model employee. Employer’s reviews have stressed Watson punctuality and work ethics. He is honest, hard-working, smart, and consistently goes above and beyond the call of duty on every project. On one occasion, his manager asked CCS Construction Staffing for more workers like him. Watson is a Sheet Metal and Plumbing contractor; he resides in the Charlotte area.

What is your best quality when working? My work ethic, I think when you are working you have to work safe and do it right the first time. Which is how I like to work and this is why I’m good at what I do.

In addition to being paid money, how else has your career created value in your life? Basically, it… it changed my life, it’s giving me security to take care of my family. I enjoy the work that I do because building something from start to end… and seeing the outcome has no words.

Other than North Carolina, which state would you like to have lived in? Texas, because everything is bigger there.

If you could possess one super-human power, what would it be? I would like to be another Flash Gordon for speed so that I can get more things done in a day.

What do you like the most about CCS Construction Staffing? I like my recruiter Mr. Jeff. He always finds me great jobs. I like that he helps me find jobs fast and I don’t have too much time between jobs.



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