What Drives Your Team to Success?


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Why do we work? How you answer that question tells a lot about what you value. Some people will answer, “because I have to,” and some people will say, “because I need the money.” Those reasons are true, and valid for all of us in some way, but they don’t have to be the top ones. In fact, research shows that when those reasons are NOT our main motivators, the quality of our work goes up. To be the best at what we do, work has to be about something more. Work should make us satisfied, confident and happy.

As managers, we must inspire our employees to achieve that level of work. Motivating them to do their best results in stronger, better products—especially on a construction site where work can be tiring, repetitive and even hazardous. If work is only about a paycheck, then laborers may not see the deeper value in what they do. What happens if the electrician takes a few shortcuts or job site manager turns his back on regulations? Your construction company’s reputation depends on your employee’s motivation.

5 Easy Ways to Motivate Employees

Incentive Programs

This type of motivation doesn’t have to be about money; it can be about extra days off, gift cards or other prizes. In many cases, just wearing the badge of being “the best” can be incentive enough.


Taking a genuine interest in your employees’ futures is a powerful tool. Show them that you see their potential by supporting their growth with additional coaching, training and mentoring opportunities. Enlisting journeymen to work alongside apprentice laborers is an effective way to motivate both new and seasoned workers.

Acknowledge success

This type of motivation works in two ways. First, you publically praise or acknowledge an individual employee’s success. Then, you let that employee know, now that you’ve really seen his chops, you’ll be expecting bigger and better things. The best way to maintain an employee’s upward spiral is to take the lumber or the broom out of his or her hands and assign more meaningful responsibilities and more challenging tasks.

Involvement in Decision-Making

Consult your construction team to come up with ways to make the job site more efficient and productive. Ask them their opinions on types of equipment, building materials and even design style. Always respond respectfully, regardless of the feasibility of their ideas. Genuine motivation often comes from a feeling of being needed.

Lead with Integrity

Motivation starts with you. Your employees must want to follow you. Be clear with your expectations and follow through with your decisions. Show that you are interested in them, not just as an employee, but also as a person. Develop trusting relationships and hold yourself accountable for your own actions. Be positive and supportive; be someone you would be inspired to follow.

Never underestimate the power of pride, especially on a construction site. It can be a mighty motivator, even more so than a paycheck or a punch clock. Motivation can be externally inspired, but for it to lead to success, motivation must come from within. Directing employees’ attention to the many ways they can find pride and prestige in their work is the best way for managers to draw that motivation out. Often it becomes contagious, and workers begin to inspire and motivate each other.

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