The Appropriate Pay To Offer Your Temp Skilled Laborers


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When it comes down to fair pay for construction jobs, contractors, superintendents and skilled workers need to know their rights. In the U.S., state and federal governments require construction industry employers to provide their workers with specific benefits. The Fair Labor Standards Act zooms in on tradesmen’s rights, ensuring that they receive overtime pay, rest breaks and fair pay.

A fair wage strives to create a balance between money paid and money earned. The concept operates under the assumption that a construction company should pay a certain amount for a skilled laborer’s honest day’s work. Of course, that amount increases over time, as the worker moves from entry-level positions to more experienced, specialized or managerial roles. Construction wages can also increase if the job site involves any hazard pay.

There are often additional fees, so in order to make sure you’re paying your contract and temporary workers a fair wage, construction employers should make sure to check out the U.S. government’s Occupational Employment Statistics. By offering fair wages, you also position your construction firm as one tradesmen want to work for. If you’ve got a reputation as a well-paying, fair but firm job site manager, your temporary workers will show more respect and initiative on the job.

Providing a fair wage to your construction workers, tradesmen and skilled laborers is essential for a productive and harmonious work environment. When you start with a foundation rooted in fair wages, you can reduce the altercations between permanent employees and temporary workers over pay range. In fact, the many benefits that come along with fair wage include:

  • Lower employee turnover. Both your permanent and contract employees will want to stick around your construction company if you pay a fair wage, meaning you aren’t constantly looking to fill vacant positions.
  • More highly skilled workers. Your full-time construction employees will need to be of higher quality to earn the kind of pay you offer. Temporary employees will need to bring this same level of professionalism to the table.
  • Employees who seek out advanced training. If your tradesmen know that their pay can increase if they strengthen or broaden their skill sets, they’ll be looking for ways to enhance professionally. That brings more expertise to your job site.
  • Fewer employee thefts. Studies have shown that if contractors pay their permanent and contact laborers fairly, job site stealing decreases. In other words, if you show them respect, they will have a greater amount of respect for both you and the job.

When your construction company needs to complete a project on a tight deadline, you may need more skilled laborers to get the job done right. Because we understand the regulations the construction industry must follow, our temporary employees keep you from unintentionally racking up damages or charges. Contact us today to gain access to CCS Construction Staffing’s pool of top-level tradesmen.

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