How to Turn a Temporary Position into a Permanent One


Construction Staffing

Temp-to-hire positions let candidates explore job opportunities without committing to a long-term placement. These situations are a great way for construction employees to decide if a company or job site is the right fit for them. It also gives contractors a chance to get to know contract workers, to see how they work with their existing team. In many cases, especially in the construction industry, temp-to-hire is a win-win scenario.

If you find yourself in a temp-to-hire spot that you really love, talking to upper management about a permanent position may not always be enough to secure the job. Displaying your enthusiasm and initiative for a permanent position, without going overboard or seeming insincere, is the best way to communicate your goals. The job site manager will have been analyzing you closely from day one, so you must show that you are permanent material right from the start.

5 Effective Strategies for Securing a Permanent Position

  • Know the job: You’re a talented electrician, but do you know what will happen in this building when the lights flip on? Show interest in more than just your area of expertise by asking about the details of the job. Asking questions about the company not only shows that you are interested in sticking around, but also that you are a critical-thinker, and someone who sees the bigger picture.
  • Be flexible: Does the boss need someone to work a Saturday? Volunteer. Are you assigned a task that’s doable, but not really in your job description? Accept it – gladly. Flexibility means reliability. This quality shows you’re willing to make the needs of the job your top priority.
  • Be part of the team: Even though your position is temporary, try to act like part of the team. Join in daily meetings, talk with co-workers, and show an interest in contributing to long-term projects. Being a part of the team shows you are a good fit both professionally and personally.
  • Professionalism and safety: There are many regulations in the construction industry that companies must follow to avoid fines and accidents. By always wearing protective gear, staying up-to-date on certifications, and conducting yourself in a professional manner, you show the employer that you won’t be a liability on the job site.

Even if you decide that the company isn’t the right long-term fit for you, you’ve created some very powerful allies by getting invested in your role. It’s important – once you decide that you will move on – to avoid implying that you’d like a permanent spot; however, still conducting yourself in this professional and enthusiastic manner will likely get you some strong references.

On the other hand, if you love your temp-to-hire job, there is one more strategy to employ – let your staffing company know. An agency can be a strong advocate for your permanent hire. Staffing agencies often pre-screen skilled workers to make sure they are the best fit for a construction company’s needs. That means that they don’t just know you well, but they also know the contractor well. They may even have a partnership that’s been around for years, building up a strong foundation of trust and an unshakable rapport. A nod from your staffing agency could be your golden ticket to a permanent career.

For example, CCS Construction Staffing has excellent relationships with our clients. They trust us to find top-notch talent and provide long-term employment solutions. Many of our clients have been with us since we opened our doors in 2008. Looking for a temp-to-hire opportunity? Contact us today and we’ll get started strategizing for your successful future.

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