The Best Benefits To Include For Your Skilled Laborers


Construction Staffing

Studies show that morale is directly related to productivity. If morale is down, production goes down, and vice versa. This can hit particularly hard in the construction industry, where you have to battle equipment malfunctions, delayed shipments, rain, mud and whatever else nature decides to throw your way.

When morale starts to sink, both permanent and contract laborers feel the weight. They start to complain more, slack more and produce less. This creates a workforce environment ripe for unease and accidents.

Low morale stems from a variety of reasons:

  • Workers feel underappreciated or undervalued, and don’t see their jobs as important.
  • If you’re short staffed, employees can feel overwhelmed and stressedout, causing accidents or forgetting simple or essential steps in a task.
  • Limited upward mobility can cause hardworking and reliable employees to stop stepping up.
  • Uncomfortable working conditions, such as heat or hazards, can slow down productivity.

Morale can drop for a few employees or become low across the board, but that doesn’t mean everyone feels the same stress. What you need to tackle this challenge head on is a diverse game plan. Attacking low morale from multiple angles is a sure fire way to boost self-esteem and rev up productivity.

Welcome suggestions

Give your employees an opportunity to tell you what would make them happier. If the workplace is tense and strained, consider letting them vent anonymously with a suggestion box.

Good-natured competition

Creating some healthy competition can help lift spirits. Competitions can be work-related, like teams who go a week without an accident, or just to blow off steam, like a game of basketball.

Support a charity

Morale can soar when employees find meaning in their work. Give them the option to work for the greater good, such as projects that build for a charity, help solve a community need, or compete in a food drive.

Time off

Let them go early on a Friday or give them longer lunch breaks on Wednesdays. A little reward for completing a job ahead of schedule can ensure your employees stay productive on the next site.

Let the naysayers go

Sometimes morale plummets because of the words or actions of one or two people. If you have an employee that is bringing the group down, consider letting him or her go.

Give additional responsibilities

If your star employees are starting to slack, it may be that they don’t feel challenged. Even simple managerial or administrative tasks can boost their confidence, not to mention take the burden off your shoulders.

High morale is essential, but often overlooked. Sometimes the day is too short and the job is too long to think about anything other than a deadline. However, if your employees are happy, they work harder and faster. They feel pride in what they do, knowing that they are part of a team that appreciates their talents and shares their challenges.

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