Is There A Shortage In Skilled Labor?


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The workforce is changing, and there is a noticeable shift in the types of employees coming onto the market. While they may have more formal education, there is a shortage of employees within the skilled trade industries such as welders, machinists, and electricians. Most high schools today are putting a focus on four-year colleges and downplaying the opportunities for technical schools and trade schools. The skill sets held by these types of workers are becoming acute but also sparse.

Skilled Labor is Hard to Find

The ordinary things in life that used to be fixed by a general contractor or handyman, now need to be repaired by someone trained in that particular brand. Plumbing used to be fixed by a plumber but now with the electronic options for every aspect, the skill itself is has become more finely tuned, with the need to understand the computer components as well as the basic plumbing skills. There is a definite shortage in not only the basic skilled laborers, but also those who can fix the more intricate items. While the shortage is currently felt, it will hit even harder in next years to come. The majority of the current workers in the skilled labor fields are over forty years of age, and because the younger generations are not being trained to follow in their footsteps, there will be a definite lack of qualified workers for these fields.

What Can Be Done

Not everyone will have a desire to pursue a degree from a college or university and hold an office job. This is when a vocational school or technical school can be the perfect option. Students at these types of schools generally have a specialized skill set that needs to be directed to the right field. Unless students and young adults are encouraged to take these types of classes and take a different route, the shortage will not be remedied. Those who are already in the skilled labor field will be slow to retire, and many truly enjoy their jobs so their presence is felt – but they can’t work forever. The good news is after the recession of recent years, more skilled laborers are starting to emerge. As people realized these jobs will never go away — but their office job may – the economy saw a resurge in those who became trained and certified.

Finding Quality Employees

When there is a low supply and a high demand, the accepted quality can be diminished. After all, there is someone to do the job, so they are heavily recruited to any open position. But not every employee will be the best choice for your organization. As tempting as it can be to hire the first person that meets the minimum qualifications, always strive to find the best team member for your company. Working with a staffing agency that specializes in the skilled labor fields can be the most efficient way to do that. They have a range of possible candidates that can be called upon for temporary work, contract positions, and even full-time options. If you’re in need of a construction staffing agency that gets the job right the first time, contact CCS today.

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