Building Chemistry Between Temporary Employees And Full-Timers


Construction Staffing

There are a lot of benefits to using temporary staff on the job site. From workforce flexibility, to lower overhead costs, to eliminating recruitment headaches, temporary staff is a great option.

But that’s not say there aren’t any challenges either! One of the biggest issues we hear is that full-time staff simply don’t like “temps”. So what can you do about it? Here are several ways to make your full-time staff more comfortable with “temps”:

Make sure staff isn’t threatened by temps.

We’re not talking about personal threats, we’re talking about threats to job security. Many full-timers see temps as a threat to their own job security. The truth of the matter is that using temps can often help increase their job security because the company can run more efficiently, and full-time staff can solidify their role and are valued even more. Make sure your team understands this and isn’t threatened by bringing in temporary support.

Temps aren’t all “unskilled.”

Many of today’s temporary workers are highly skilled specialists. On the job site, temporary staff can be used when a specialized skilled is needed. From veteran electricians, to master carpenters, to skilled welders, temporary staff offers the ability to bring in an expert on a temporary basis. When bringing someone aboard like this, it may allow you to profit from jobs you would have otherwise subcontracted out. It also allows your full-time staff to learn from a seasoned professional and grow their skill set.

Don’t throw them to the wolves.

When bringing on temporary staff, take some time to introduce to the rest of the crew. A few minutes of introduction time can go a long way in boosting morale, making the temps feel like part of the team and increasing overall productivity.

Ask your team for feedback.

If your full-time staff feels like they are being heard, they will more than likely be more open-minded in the future. Ask for their feedback on specific temporary staff members. Ask for the good and the bad and give that information back to your staffing agency. This feedback is essential to help recruit even better-fit candidates in the future. Give your team a voice and listen!

Work with a good staffing partner.

By building a solid relationship with a top-tier staffing agency, you’ll get better fit temporary staff. At CCS Construction Staffing, our team takes the time to get to know your company, learn about the job site, and understand the makeup of your existing team. When recruiting candidates, we not only look for people with the hard skills to do the job right, but also the right personality fit to complement your team. Contact CCS today!

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